Fairy tales as a Pedagogy

While figuring out what type of teacher I’ll want to be once I’m teaching Literature is still an ever-evolving process, I’ve come to a point where I know that literature is my passion, folklore is an interest of mine, fairy tales are a love of mine, and so I really want to teach both, together (Folklore and English studies). The humanities are, to me, some of the most invaluable fields in academia because they all contribute to what I think that education and knowledge-sharing should do–inform students and even people outside of academy walls of what we, as a species, have accomplished through the arts.

In my own studies, I’ve furthermore realized that I want to be the type of professor who could inspire or kindle a love for literature in students–a talent that so many of the instructors I have learned under did for me.

So here are some ideas I’ve crafted on how I would go about organizing the assignment loads of a class, keeping in mind that they are assignments, and students may be naturally disgruntled at me for having to the play the role of a teacher, and turning what should be a lovely topic to explore into a chore. I’ve tried my best to make them engaging and interactive, and to get students really involved in the process of understanding and creating their own fairy tale observations . . . in fact, even in creating their own fairy tales, period.


315 Assignments

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